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These days, it's common to own a smartphone, a work smartphone, a tablet, a powerbank, and a laptop, so how do you keep all of these peripherals charged and organized? This is where a good charger backpack can make everyday life easier; they not only provide you with compartments for your devices, but they also have USB jacks to charge them. There are many such backpacks on the market, but knowing where to find the right one can be difficult. In this guide, we're going to show you seven of the best so that you can find the product that'll work for you.

Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

The first option that we are going to consider is a large laptop backpack that is created from Tzowla. It is a convenient little backpack that has plenty of storage space, and it comes with a portable headset and a USB charging port that can be used with ease. It is a relatively large bag that is capable of holding a 15.6–inch laptop, plus there are some other pockets that could be convenient to use.

The locking contraption that is used for antitheft can easily lock you out of the backpack. In addition, the backpack seems to be a bit on the smaller side, which means that it may not fit all of your materials easily.

When it comes to securing your backpack, there are a number of things that you will need to do, which include using the antitheft design that works well with the lock and zipper access point, which will give you more security for your valuables.

If you need a small backpack that is ideal for your laptop, then this is the right option for you to choose. It has the ability to fit a large laptop without issue, and it comes with a lot of pockets that you can use to store your stuff.

Charge your electronic devices easily with External USB Charging Port

  • It charges devices reasonably fast.
  • The exterior of the backpack is quite stylish.
  • The backpack is kind of small.
  • The backpack only has two charging option that you can use.

Mancro Travel Computer Bag for Women & Men

There are a total of 10 different compartments that can be used in the backpack. Even though it provides you with plenty of space, it is a great option that does not weigh a lot, which will make it even easier to carry.

When you look at the pockets, you will notice that they are not as well made as some of the other options that we have considered in this review. In all, you will find a lot of opened pockets that do not have a zipper that can secure things in a backpack as they should.

The backpack is designed with an antitheft locking combination that will give you the security that you are looking for to secure your belongings. This will not only protect your laptop but any of your personal belongings that you put inside of the backpack.

If you are looking for a backpack that is great for travel, then this is a good option to consider. It supports a larger backpack, and it gives you even more space for your things.

  • The backpack is resistant to water.
  • It fits any laptop under 17-inches.
  • The bag has a lot of spacious pockets.
  • The pockets are cheaply made.
  • There are not many enclosed compartments.

Travel Waterproof Computer Bag for Women Men

This is a very adjustable backpack that is easy to use. It has adjustable straps that allow the flow of air across your back. The panels are also ventilated to give you more support when you need it.

The backpack is not as large as it seems from the description. It fits most laptops, but if you have a larger laptop, you will need the majority of the backpack to store it safely away.

The fabric of the backpack is designed to give you the majority of the protection that you will need. It is fully water resistant, and it scratch resistant and more durable to make sure that it does not get damaged during times of use.

This is a great option for someone who that you need to travels a lot, but only needs to take their laptop and important papers with them. It also works well for school, especially if you have a smaller laptop that you need to carry with you.

  • This is a very lightweight backpack that is extremely comfortable to use.
  • It is capable of carrying a decent amount of stuff.
  • The bag is not as waterproof as it seems that it should be.
  • The backpack is a bit on the smaller side.

ECEEN Hiking Backpack

This is a great backpack that has a stylish design that will work for anyone who needs it. It is available in several different color options, and it is also designed with an anti-tear and water-resistant surface that is going to work well for your specific needs, especially if you walk with your backpack a lot.

The solar-powered aspect of the bag does not work as well as you may have imagined. In fact, you will need to stand still for it to transfer the power to your devices.

When you need to charge one of your devices, it makes sense that you would take advantage of the 5V USB port that comes with the device. There is also a solar panel that you can consider as well, which will work well on all of your devices.

If you have a lot of devices, this is an optimal backpack for you to use because it comes with more than one option when for charging, and it is reinforced so that the outside of the backpack protect all of your gadgets.

  • It comes with a bladder bag that can be used to rehydrate you on the go.
  • There are quite a bit of storage options available to you in this backpack.
  • The waterproof design is very durable.
  • The solar panel does not charge that well.
  • There are a lot of straps on the bag itself, which really do not serve a purpose.

Sosoon Business Bags with USB Charging Port

When you are looking for a backpack that gives you a lot of comfortability, this is the best option for you to consider. It has breathable foam pads that are attached to the mesh fabric that will allow your skin to breath as you use it. It also comes with a decompression strap that works well to massage the mats of your shoulders and relieve the stress in your neck.

The backpack is not waterproof; it is simply water resistant. This offers protection that you may need while you are traveling, but not as much as you may want to have.

The material of the backpack is very durable, which means that it is designed with double layers of material that will give you and anti-tear surface. It has zippers that can be secured as well as reinforced stitching.

This is a great option for a student who like to travel a lot with their backpack or someone who travels for work. It is designed to fit a 15.6-inch laptop, but if you really do not have a lot in the bag, you are going to have more space to use.

  • This backpack has a good amount of space.
  • This backpack is designed to be comfortable.
  • The charging port is not secure.
  • The Velcro straps are not that strong.

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

When you think about a backpack, the last thing that you often consider is safety. It comes with a luggage strap that allows you to put the backpack on the luggage without losing it, and it also has a reflective strip that you can use in the event that you are walking in the dark.

The zippers are not as strong as they should be, especially the internal ones that are designed to keep your devices hidden.

Regardless of the pockets that you need to have for your devices and other things, there are quite a bit of option that allows you to have a flex compartment that you can easily use. The main compartment of the bag is located in the back, which keeps it hidden from thieves.

This is a stylish backpack that keeps your charging ports and main pockets are hidden so that you can ensure that your devices are safe and secure. This is ideal for a younger student that may not want everyone to know the devices that they have available to use.

  • This is a very comfortable backpack.
  • This backpack has a lot of pockets that can easily be used for storage.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The internal zippers are not the best.
  • The bag does not easily maintain shape.

Tocode Fashion Laptop Backpack

The final backpack with a charger that we are going to look at is one that has a good bit of storage space. It is designed to be used with a laptop that is 17.3-inches in size, and it comes with three additional pockets that you can use to store things.

The padding in the laptop compartment is not as thick as it should be to protect it.

This is a backpack that has a secure design that is practical and safe. It has a password lock that you can make use of to secure your belongings, and it also is designed to be waterproof so that everything is fully protected.

For anyone who is rough on their backpacks, this is a very durable option that will work for your needs. It feels very sturdy on your back, and it has reinforced stitching that will help protect your things as well.

  • This is a very durable backpack.
  • The pockets in the bag are quite large.
  • The backpack is rather comfortable to use.
  • The padding in the laptop compartment is lacking.
  • The interior stitching is not up to par.

Buyer's Guide

When you're in the market for a new charger backpack, you'll definitely want to make some considerations before you go through with the purchase. In this part of the guide, we're going to highlight some of the most important considerations for you to take into account as well as some key features to look out for when you're getting a charger backpack.


Right out of the gate, you should always pay special attention to the sizing capacity of your new backpack. This is an important consideration due to the varying sizes of modern laptops; effectively, you don't want to purchase a 15.6-inch laptop bag for your 17-inch laptop. Fortunately, there are several great models of charger backpack for just about any type of modern laptop, so with a little due diligence, you should be able to accommodate your personal portable computer with ease.

Also, as you might expect, larger means for more storage space, and typically, you can expect more compartments with a larger sizing. This is useful for keeping items like key drives, additional laptops, smartphones, and tablets stored neatly and safely. Most of these backpacks manage your computers using laptop sleeves, so always look into the capacity of the sleeve first so that you won't have wasted your hard-earned cash.

What are other important features to consider?

Battery Capacity and Charging System

When you're in the market for one of these, it's a good idea to think of them as portable chargers like the power bricks that have become recently popular. For this reason, battery capacity is essential because the last thing you want is a backpack that will only provide your devices about 20 percent of their total capacity. While this can certainly help you with a bit of charge, it really won't help much if you have multiple devices to charge.

In many cases, these products are really designed to accommodate an external power brick and have a special compartment with wires that allow you to utilize the external chargers. Some products have ways to charge this battery using solar power, so this can work well for someone that spends a lot of their workday outdoors.

Running out of juice on the go could be terrible, especially if you need fully-charged devices and there aren't any nearby power sources. For this reason, seek out either a solar-powered backpack for your needs or seek out a product that has a high battery capacity; 10,000 mAh is a great capacity to start at. This is because most smart devices like the Galaxy line of Samsung handsets only have 3,500 mAh batteries, so with a pack with this kind of capacity, you'll be able to charge your phone a few times between backpack charges.

It's also important to consider the capacity based on your needs; daily commuters shouldn't need a massive battery to charge their devices, but those that are hiking for a few days may need a steady source of power for their peripherals. These types may also love a product with the aforementioned solar paneling, so definitely consider your day-to-day usage before you make a purchase decision.

Weather and Dust Resistance

As you might expect, having an open USB charging port on your backpack can expose your devices to water-based damage during a stray storm. For this reason, you want a pack that has at least some weather resistance at worst and full-on weatherproofing at best. Ideally, the USB ports should have some type of shields on them or at least have resistance to moisture and dust.

Weight and Balance

One of the biggest complaints that comes from people carrying peripherals in things like messenger bags is that the weight isn't balanced and carrying these devices for extended periods of time can be fatiguing. With a backpack, the weight is usually much more balanced so that you can carry the bag longer, even if it's encumbered with several electronic devices.

Having said that, these types of bags can certainly weigh you down if you're not careful. For this reason, always try to purchase products that are both lightweight and portable, especially if you're going to be carrying them for hours.

Multiple Ports

Nowadays, it's rare for professionals to just have a single smartphone, so it can really help you to have a product that has a two-port design when it comes to the USBs. This will allow you to seamlessly charge your phone, your tablet, and even your USB Type-C laptop. While this may drain your battery faster, it can be very convenient for those looking for a simultaneous charge.

In addition to backpacks with two USB ports, there are also products on the market that are designed with extra 3.5mm jacks. These will allow you to simultaneously listen to music from your device as you charge it, which can be useful considering how much apps like Spotify can drain a battery.

Extra Features

Finally, always try to consider additional features since they help add value to your purchase. These extra features can simply add a bit of convenience, or they can be game-changers, but they all are useful. Here's a list of a few to consider:

  • Anti-theft features: Unfortunately, the world has its unscrupulous individuals, which is why it's useful for a backpack to have a few deterrents against theft. How each backpack manufacturer deals with this varies, but features like included locking systems and sturdy materials can help keep your belongings safe.
  • Beverage holders: If you like to carry a cup of coffee with you occasionally, you understand the value of a beverage holder. A good beverage holder will enclose the majority of the cup so that there's a reduced chance of spillage.
  • Luggage belts: These allow you to attach the backpack to the top handle to a piece of rollable luggage. This makes carrying your bag very simple when you can just roll it with your belongings through the airport.
  • Card pocket: In most cases, a good card pocket should either be only accessible from the inside of the bag or at least hidden away on the back-facing surface of the bag. In any situation, having one of these makes retrieving credit cards and transit passes very convenient.

Final Thoughts

Each of the backpacks selected in this guide are great for keeping your devices charged and organized, and each has its own crop of features that can really help you in your day-to-day. This type of bag is a fairly new invention, but more and more features are being added every year. In the future, don't be surprised if you see charger backpacks with even greater charging capacities, and some may even charge your devices using Qi technology (inductive charging).

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