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Whether used as a night light for a child’s room or a gift for that special someone, a moon lamp is sure to wow and inspire for any occasion. For anyone seeking to create ambiance in a quiet, calm space, there’s nothing like moon-gazing to relax and set the imagination free to soar.

There are a variety of moon lamps available. Some offer a simple, muted white to yellow glow. Others include up to 16 color choices at the touch of a button. There are also strobing, flashing, and dimming options. Choose the best moon lamp which will suit your need for entertainment or relaxation from some of the top offerings on the market today. Here are the top 5 according to reviewers comments.

CPLA Night Light — Best LED Night Light

CPLA Lighting Night Light LED 3D Printing Moon LampAdvanced 3D technology and NASA photography have been used to the greatest advantage for this accurate and well-constructed lamp. The lamp is able to light up the whole room with soft to the bright ambiance.

Color and Brightness

The CPLA lamp can be adjusted for 2700K warm white to bright 4000K neutral white, as well as a warm yellow glow. The brightness can be adjusted to create the desired atmosphere.

This lamp features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The battery has a 250 mAh battery capacity. It can be recharged in about 3 hours with the included USB charger cable. Once unplugged, the working time for the lamp is between 4 and 20 hours, depending on the settings. However, the lamp can continue to be used even while charging.

Easy Touch Control

After turning the switch control, it is easy to select or change the lamp’s setting by gently tapping according to the instructions. It is best to adjust the lamp in a dark room for the desired effect.

Once the lamp has been adjusting for the desired effect, sit back and enjoy the relaxing, mood enhancing effects. A simple touch can brighten the room for reading or dim the light as an effective night light.


The lamp is made from Polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is made from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane, and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. PLA is considered one of the best materials for 3D printing.

The lamp should be kept from extreme heat, above 50º C, or 122º F. The lamp should also be kept away from liquids such as water or grease. And the lamp should be handled with care in order to avoid dropping or any hard knocks.

The CPLA Night Light weighs 5 ounces and comes with a USB Charging Cable, Wooden stand, and a User’s Instruction guide—everything needed to enjoy this 3D moon lamp for a long time to come.

The CPLA 3D Lamp is a favorite of reviewers. It makes a great gift to family, friends, or co-workers. It is also an imaginative way to light up the dinner table or bedroom.
  • Premium Lithium battery
  • Easy touch control
  • Advanced 3D technology
  • Great gift
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Takes 3 hours to charge
  • Somewhat fragile

AMZLIFE 3D Printed Moon Lamp — Best Nursery Night Light

AMZLIFE [Upgraded Version] 3D Printing LED Moon Lamp LightingThe AMZLIFE Moon Lamp also fully replicates the full moon using the latest technology. This warm, peaceful light is great for use inside as a night light or dinner table or outside as décor for a courtyard, pathway, or party. The lamp is touch controlled and dimmable.


The AMZLIFE has four colors—2 shades of white, 3000k warm and 6000k cool. The lamp’s matte finish helps it never be too bright or too dim, and the surface stays cool even after long use.

This lamp includes a powerful 900 mAh lithium battery. This is among the most powerful batteries offered in these products. The battery has a 3 hour charge time, with 12 hours low brightness working time and 4 hours full brightness working time.

Construction: The AMZLIFE Lamp is PLA extracted from corn stalks. It is odorless and nontoxic. The lamp is safe for children, fueling imagination and is safe to be handled by little hands. As with most moon lamps, it should be kept away from extreme heat and liquids.

With its safe, eco-friendly construction, a moon lamp is a universally appreciated gift. It can be given for any special event to create lasting memories and hours of enjoyment. This is a new step in using 21st-century technology to create a relaxing, timeless experience.

The AMZLIFE 3D Printed Lamp package includes the lightweight 0.64-ounce lamp, USB cord for recharging, an easy-to-assemble wooden stand, and a user’s guide.

This night light makes an excellent gift for a beloved, a child, or colleague. The soft light makes it a calming nightlight for an infants bedroom. The two shades of light really add reality to the moon surface. It’s a great way to gaze at the full moon from the comfort of your own home.
  • No print lines
  • Indoor/outdoor uses
  • Great customer service
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not operational while charging
  • Breakable if dropped from heights

Mind-glowing Moon Light Lamp — Best Bedside Lamp for kids

Mind-glowing Moon Light LampThe diversity of the Mind-glowing Moon Lamp can help you adjust the aesthetic of your room to match your mood. The realistic depiction of the moon goes far beyond the moon’s natural light to add a creative and adventurous flare.


Colors and brightness: This moon lamp offers 16 RGB colors and 5 light display modes to add interest to any room and set the mood for any occasion. The lamp is also dimmable, creating a safe, calm atmosphere for infants and toddlers to sleep in.

This lamp’s rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 12 hours depending on the brightness setting, but the lamp can also be used while charging or kept plugged in if you have a USB wall adapter.

Touch and Remote control: This lamp can be either touch or remote controlled. The remote is reported to work from up to 30 feet away. So children can change the color from their bed, or the mode can be adjusted to change colors, fading from one to the next automatically. With so many colors and modes to choose from, you or your child will always be mesmerized by the display.

In addition to the many display options and to back up their claims of superior quality and durability, this manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee and lifetime warranty for their customers. If anything at all goes wrong, they’ll replace the product.

The Mind-glowing lamp is made of recyclable PLA and the stand is organic wood. All of the materials in this package are FCC, CE, and RoHS certified as safe and nontoxic.

The Mind Glowing 3D night lamp has enough bells and whistles to keep the interest of children and adults for years to come. The lifetime warranty is a huge plus. It makes a great gift for a baby shower, housewarming party, or even Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. If you’re wondering what to give to the person who has everything, a moonlight lamp may be a good choice.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Colorful light show
  • Safe for all ages
  • Optional remote control
  • Organic and nontoxic
  • Magnetic stand comes apart easily
  • Shorter battery working timeless

LOGROTATE Lamp — Best Moonlight Night Lamp

Moon LampThe LOGROTATE 3D Moon Lamp offers a wide range of sensory experiences with a celestial theme. This lamp was rated as a favorite Valentine’s Day gift and nursery night light. The crisp moon landscape brings the night sky indoors for hours of comfortable viewing.


Colors and brightness: This lamp features 16 decorative and creative colors. The lamp has flash, fade, or strobe options. The colors can flash or fade into one another, creating a dreamlike effect. The brightness can also be adjusted to create just the right mood for either partying or relaxing.

The lamp’s 500 mAh Lithium battery is powerful enough to be a significant light source. After a 2 hour charging time, the lamp has a working time of 6-12 hours, depending on the selected brightness. The lamp can still be remotely controlled while plugged in. The estimated lifespan of the non-replaceable lithium battery is 60 months.

Construction: The LOGROTATE night lamp is made from FDA approved PLA and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These materials are some of the best for creating the most dependable 3D images.

This lamp can be controlled by touch, but an even greater convenience is the included remote control. Color, brightness, and mode are easy to see and change from up to 10 feet away. So children or adults can be conveniently entertained with an ever-changing display. The lamp comes with a wooden stand, USB charging cable, remote control, and instruction manual.

The LOGROTATE lamp has been a best-seller for its lighting range and mode capabilities. The lamp is durable and safe for any age to handle. Although this review only covers the 4.8-inch size, there are actually 4 sizes. Not all the sizes offer the same features, but if you’re looking for a lamp with a bit more prominence, you can check out the larger size.
  • Wide range of colors and modes
  • Economical price
  • 100% guarantee
  • Realistic, durable moonscape
  • Good reviews
  • Some complaints that not all lights work properly
  • Remote needs to be withing 10 feet for best operational

Ehobroc 3D Lamp — Best Baby Night Light

Ehobroc Moon LampThe materials used to make the Ehobroc Moon Lamp are durable enough to make it one of the best choices for children. The textured moon surface adds interest to the experience and fuels the imagination as children hold the moon in their hands. The soothing color options will help make bedtime easier as well as lessening the darkness.


Color and brightness: The lamp offers warm white, cool white, and yellow color options for matching the mood of the room, whether entertaining or relaxing. The brightness can also be adjusted as desired.

The built-in, 500mAh battery has a 2 hour charging time and 8 hour working time. The lamp also works while charging, so you never have to be without the brilliance of the full moon in your home.

Construction: Unlike many other night lamps, this moon globe’s light is mainly made of PVC, with ABS for the shell, instead of PLA. These materials make the lamp more durable while remaining eco-friendly & non-toxic. It also has an improved burning point to reduce any chance of damage after long use. At 9.6 ounces, this lamp is a little heavier than many others of like size.

The Ehobroc lamp is controlled only by touch. Tapping the lamp changes the color, and keeping the pressure on the switch changes brightness. The dimmable lamp can then be adjusted from entertainment to gentle relaxation at bedtime.

If you’re looking for a night lamp that can stand up to a young child’s exuberance, the Ehobroc Night Lamp may be the one for you. Users comment that the lamp still functions after being thrown or dropped repeatedly. The relaxing color options also make it an excellent bedside lamp or night light for young ones. For creating the full moon ambiance, the lamp makes a great gift for any age and for any room.
  • Ultra durable
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Long working timeless
  • Kid friendly
  • Some say moon’s surface is not realistic enough
  • Wooden stand may be flimsy

Buyer’s Guide

With so many to choose from, what features are important to consider before purchasing a moon lamp? If you are purchasing the lamp as a gift, consider the personality and age of the person you are purchasing for. An older adult may simply enjoy gazing at a relaxing soft white or yellow moon. A young child may derive greater enjoyment from the changing colors and special effects.

Rechargeable LED Nightlight Unboxing


Size is another factor to consider. How large is the space to be lit, and how brightly should the lamp shine? A larger moon lamp will draw more attention, creating a larger than life focal point for anyone in the room. A smaller lamp may be better suited as a night light for an infant or young child’s bedside, comforting and lulling them off to sleep with its mesmerizing features.


Safety is also an issue. A night lamp should be made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. There should never be any danger of dangerous chemicals being released into the air from heated plastic. Look for environmentally friendly materials such as those used in the lamps above. These materials are recyclable and safe for anyone to handle and keep in use for extended periods.


It is always necessary to consider your budget. There are many economical choices available. Some of the above lamps represent excellent value, and extras such as money-back guarantees and extended warranties are also a consideration, especially if children are involved.

Some special occasions may require the purchase of more than one globe. These lamps are so versatile, they bring a creative charm to any event. Baby or wedding showers, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, or outdoor gatherings become even more amazing with either gentle ambiance or colorful accents.

One other consideration for some is the accuracy of the lunar surface. Though many young children may not be so picky, a dedicated moon gazer will want to see a faithful rendering of the craters and other lunar landscape. Most of the lamps covered in this review have employed NASA photos and technology to ensure their lamp is a true replica of the real thing.

Final Thoughts

The moon lamps listed in this review are among the top-selling models and highly rated by customers. No doubt, as 3D technology continues to progress, even more amazing moon replicas may be created. But for now, your world or the world of someone close to you can be illuminated by the mystery and fantasy of the full moon every night. This is a 21st-century marvel we can all enjoy.

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