Best Wallet Trackers - Buyer’s Guide

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Have you ever gone for something that you were sure was on the counter, and it was nowhere to be found? Searching all over the place takes up a lot of valuable time you could be spending doing something else. If this appears familiar, you are in the right place. A wallet tracker can help you in these types of situations with ease. This guide will discuss five great wallet trackers on the market today. What's more, partway through the article, there will be a buying guide that will address some pointers to help with your product decision.

Tile Mate – Best Key Finder

The Tile Mate can be placed on any item imaginable like your keys, camera, or purse. For added convenience, it has a small hole where it can easily be placed on a key ring. If you lose something that your Tile app is not picking up, call on the community to help. Others in the community that is using the Tile App on their phone can detect your lost item.

All you need to do is report it lost on your app and wait. If someone using the app is near your lost item, their app will send your location. Sync it with any ALEXA device for voice control.

The Tile Mate easily can find your things that are nearby with just a push of a button on your Smartphone.

Recommendation: This Tile Mate is great for those who travel a lot and sometimes leave things behind. It has a trouble-free design, a range frequency of up to 150 feet, and a replaceable battery option.

Ring your things. Find lost items with your phone

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Has a strong, durable structure
  • You must be within range for the Tile to locate your item

Tile Slim Finder – Best Bluetooth Range

The Tile Slim Finder is just as thin as two credit cards put together. It can easily slide into a pocketbook, pants pocket, or a wallet. You also can attach the Slim Finder to your notebook, iPad, laptop, or tablet. The tile app seeks your things by sounding a loud tune when it locates your item and will continue to sound until you indicate that you found it.

The Tile can reach up to 100 feet of the Bluetooth range. If you would like the Tile app to find your phone double click the Tile button to make it ring. If you keep the app always running in the background, it will locate the last place you had your item.

If your Tile item is not where you think you left it, you can ask the community for their help in search of your item.

Recommendation: The Slim Finder Bluetooth Tracker is recommended for passports, wallets, and purses. However, you can leave it in your car and look at the maps app to relocate your car in a busy parking lot. The Tile battery lasts up to one year.

  • Finds thing quick and easy
  • Setup takes less than a minute
  • Pinpoints the location with accuracy
  • If the app is out of range, the App could lose WIFI connection

Esky Key Finder and Tracker – Best Transmitting Range

The Esky Key Finder has a total of six small and slim receivers that can be attached to the item like your wallet, keys, purse, or other important items. These six receivers come with LED light, which is great for darkened rooms, and an audio beep sound to alert you of where your lost item is located.

The long transmitting range of a maximum of 100 feet can quickly lead you directly to your lost item. The radio frequency penetrates through walls, doors, and cushions but can only find your lost item at approximately 50 feet away. On the other hand, if your valuables were lost in an open space area, the radio frequency could only go as far as 164 feet.

Recommendation: The Esky Key Finder allows you to save time and lower your stress when you can't find your key or other personal items. It is a great tool for those who lose things easily and don't have a lot of time to find the item they lost.

  • Save time when you can’t find your keys
  • Lessens stress when your item is quickly found
  • The beeping sound it makes is loud enough to hear
  • Some may find the remote is easy to lose as well

Key Finder, Govee Wireless RF Item Locator – Best for its Radio Frequency Technology

he Govee compact design comes with six receivers. They are color coated as pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, and orange; this helps organize your search. Press the color on the remote and the receiver will light up and beep to locate your lost item. The sounds of beeping and flashing light make it easy to find your lost item in a darkened room. This key finder comes with six different rings and upgraded 3m tape; it's simple to attach the receivers to any item you frequently lose.

Designed with radiofrequency technology; it is powerful enough to track your item from a 100 feet away even through walls, leather, cushions, floors, and more.

Recommendation: This key finder is great for those who have more than one item that they wish to track; it can track up to a total of six items. It will give peace of mind to know six of your most valuable possessions can be easily found if they are lost and within Bluetooth range.

  • There are two ways to alarm you
  • Easy to use
  • Has a long locating range
  • Batteries may run out within a month

CHIPOLO Card – Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Tracking Device – Best for Android and IOS Devices

The Chipolo Card is a unique way to find your personal belongings that you may have misplaced. Place the Chipolo app onto your cellular device to adjust the easy-to-use settings. It is available for download on any Android or IOS device. This Bluetooth tracking device has an ultra 0.08-inch thin design just like a credit card.

It can fit easily inside a pocketbook, wallet, backpack, and more. You can even attach it to your laptop or other valuables. You can also find your phone when it is on silent by double pressing your Chipolo. Another option would be to go on the web app to look for its location.

The Chipolo card offers a community search where you mark that your item is lost. When another Chipolo card user gets near your item, you will receive an email telling you the location.

Recommendation: I would recommend the Chipolo card for those who have a habit of losing their keys or other items that happen to get misplaced. It is excellent to use with any Android or IOS device.

  • It’s amazing for finding things
  • Settings are simple to manage
  • Fantastic for those who are forgetful
  • If the app is out of range of the item, it will be difficult for it to pick up the signal
  • The locater noise may be too low for some

Buyer's Guide

Wallet trackers are an amazing investment that someone could have for those crazy days when you would lose your hand if it weren't attached. The trackers and key finders of today can track up a range of up to 100 feet; but that's not all, it can also be detected on other devices that are using the same app as you.

All you need to do is alert the communities app. To do this, indicate on your app that the item is lost and out of range of your app. If another member of the app is near your item, it will alert you of its location. These things are amazing to have, especially if you're a frequent person who misplaces things when you're out and about. They are also great time savers and stress-free.

The main feature of this product I would say is the amount of range it can provide. How close does your item need to be for it to be able to be tracked and found? The majority of trackers typically have a range from 50 – 70 feet, while others have a high radio frequency of 164 feet. It goes without saying, the further the range, the more superior the wallet finder or key tracker.

What are other essential features to consider?

1) Number of Receivers – Within this review you may have observed that some units only come with one receiver, while others, come with up to six receivers. Of course, those that have more than one receiver will have a higher cost. With that said, you need to look into what you intend to use trackers for, and then it will make it similar for you to determine the number of receivers you will require.

2) Battery – Some wallet trackers or key finders have batteries built into them, while others make it possible to replace the battery. Those trackers that have built-in batteries may be waterproof, but the entire unit will need to be replaced when the battery dies. Those trackers with replaceable batteries, will be dependable units that can still be used.. All that is necessary for you need t to keep using this style of a tracker is to pop out the old battery and replace it with a new durable one.

3) Design - The design is unique in itself with some being thin others thick. It may not be relevant to some to look at the design, but it truly is essential. You wouldn't want something extremely bulky in your wallet that makes it look like you got a wad of cash or one that is large, thick, and heavy on your key set of keys. A discreet and uncomplicated tracker is the ideal way to go.

4) Alarm – Tracker receivers have many different ways to alert you of the location of your item. It can either be audio or via the map. If the receiver uses audio to alert you, be sure that the sound is loud enough for you to hear even at a distance. If it's by the map, it should have an accurate location of your item.

5) Extras - What are the extra perks from buying a tracker or key finder? Several Bluetooth models make it possible to use crowdsourcing to locate your lost item. Others are capable of taking pictures of your item you don't wish to lose and many other extra app functions. The more perks a tracker has, the more beneficial and helpful to you it will be.

Who can Benefit From Using a Wallet Tracker?

Wallet trackers will benefit anyone who loses things regularly. These things may include your wallet, handbag, or keys. Those who lose things will have peace of mind with the technology behind a tracker or key locator.

The Benefits of Wallet Trackers:

1) Peace of Mind

Let's face it, many of us misplace something from time-to-time, but those who purchase wallet trackers or key finders can feel more at ease. For one thing, anxiety typically takes over, causing us to lose our concentration, but with a tracker, you just push a button, and your anxiety quickly disappears as you find your lost item.

2) Security

Security is one of the main benefits that you can have with a tracking device. For instance, if you typically return from work or an outing and lay down your keys in the first place you see, anyone could pick them up and move them. Someone you are not acquainted could very well or at all may enter your home and use your keys to sneak in and steal from you or even steal your car.

Losing your wallet or purse is really overwhelming and devastating, especially if you had several credit cards, a bank book, or a lot of cash in it. If all is lost, you will have to call the credit card companies and possibly your bank. Either scenario is awful to happen to anyone, especially if you end up fighting a fraudulent claim. For these reasons, a tracking device will help you to find your lost keys, wallet, or purse and help protect your valuables from fraud.

3) Speed

Another valuable reason to have a tracking device is the amount of time it takes to find your lost item. Many of us multitask or juggle our busy day and don't have hours let alone minutes to spare, looking for our keys, wallet, or briefcase. Losing a briefcase that is holding essential documents that you need to present at your lunch meeting would be a disaster. To make life easier and speed up looking for lost items, use a tracking device.

Frequent Asked Questions

1) How does the Tile work?

The Tile was designed to improve your chances of finding your valuables. Download the Tile app on your Android or IOS device then activate your Tile receiver. The Tile app recognizes where the Tile is by using a Bluetooth signal.

Once there is a Bluetooth connection between your device and the Tile receiver, the Tile will use the location of your mobile device to import updates onto your app. Your Tile will recognize your IOS device or Smartphone when they are within Bluetooth range.

2) How do you set up a Tile account?

Setting up your Tile account is simple and easy to do. First, download the app on to your mobile device then tap it to open up the app. Secondly, look for the blue link that says "Sign Up" then tap or click on it. The application will indicate that you need to enter a valid email address and create a password.

Follow the set of prompts to permit access to your Bluetooth and location services. Thirdly, to learn more on how to use the Tile, take the tour that is offered, and be sure to follow the "next page" prompts through until the end. Finally, tap "start using Tile," and then you can relax knowing your keys, wallet, or valuables can be found.

3) How do you add more than one Tile?

Yes, it is possible to connect more than one Tile. Open the Tile App and tap the "+" symbol below the "Add a Tile" wording. Look at the list of products that are listed and choose the product you intend to use the Tile on; then press the button on the Tile or "e," and you will begin to hear a catchy tune. Lastly, place the Tile near your mobile device and simple as that they are synced.

Repeat until you have installed as many Tiles as you want; you can install up to 200. However, due to Bluetooth restrictions, your device can only stay linked to eight IOS device at the same time or half that amount for Android devices. Tip: Place your most valuable items in your top eight for IOS devices and top four for Android devices to make them a priority.

4) Are Tiles safe and secure to use?

Tiles are safe and completely anonymous and can even be used in the community to find your lost valuables. You and other Tile users will not have access to each other's information on the Tile. The only possible way they could see any personal information is you shared it with them.

5) Can you adjust the volume on a tracker?

Each available ring tone has a frequency range of 131 Hz to 8000Hz, to accommodate a variety of hearing abilities. If you still are having trouble hearing the Tile, turn on the proximity sensor on the app. The Tile icon will turn green when you are nearby in addition to the ring tone.

Final Thoughts

There will be a time that we all may misplace something and begin to panic, get stressed, and be so overwhelmed that we can't find our keys, wallet, or other valuable. That said, having a tracking device will help those situations from happening. You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are easy to track. Taken as a whole, the advantages of utilizing a tracking system to keep track of your valuables are apparent, which is why you should invest in one today.

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