Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting - Buyer's Guide

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When you’re in the kitchen, you need to be fully aware of what’s in front of you and the rest of your surroundings. If you can’t see the things in front of and around you, there’s a chance that you may get hurt.

In order to avoid potential problems like that in the kitchen, you need great lighting. To be more specific, you need the best wireless under cabinet lighting to illuminate your cutting surfaces, kitchen drawers, and any other items you may just leave on countertops.

What you’ll see in this article are reviews for some of the top wireless under cabinet lighting options currently on the market. On top of that, we’ll also provide you with a buyer’s guide that should make it easier for you to find the lighting that will fit inside your home.

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 – Best Battery Operated Lights

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 With RemoteIt’s good to have plenty of available working space in your kitchen, but if you’re only keeping a few spots illuminated, then you’re not maximizing what you have. If that’s the kind of issue you’re dealing with, then Brilliant Evolution’s 6 Pack of Wireless LED Puck Lights should prove quite beneficial.

First off, it’s worth noting that these lights are very bright.

55 lumens may not seem like a lot compared to the other products that you will read about later in this article, and considering their size, you may think that an individual puck light doesn’t have that much to offer.

That is not the case at all however. If anything, the light may be a little too bright, so space them out to get the most out of them.

Included with these lights is a remote control that can be used for turning them on or off. An optional auto-off timer is built into the lights. These are highly convenient features, and they come in handy when you are done cooking the food and are about to sit down to eat.

3 AA batteries are needed to power up each individual puck light. Thankfully, 18 batteries are already included in the package, so you have enough on hand if you want to install and use them right away.

Speaking of installation, that process is pretty easy when it comes to these puck lights. The whole process shouldn’t take more than an hour and that’s already on the high side.

These are not the most energy-efficient lighting options however. If you end up using them a lot, then don’t be surprised if you have to switch out the batteries in less than a month. I suppose you can get around that issue by using rechargeable AA batteries, but having to semi-regularly charge them is still inconvenient.

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  • Brightness is not an issue at all with these puck lights
  • Installation can be done quickly
  • Remote control and timer are convenient additions
  • Batteries will have to be replaced every few weeks or so
  • Puck lights can get hot so avoid coming into contact with them

URPOWER Motion Sensor Light – The Energy-Efficient Choice for Your Kitchen, Closet, Wardrobe

Saving as much energy as possible inside your home is an admirable goal, and the Motion Sensor Light from URPOWER can help with that.

In contrast to the puck lights mentioned above, this URPOWER creation does not provide a particularly bright light. That can be a bit of an issue, and as much possible, you should probably avoid installing this above the space where you intend to do most of your cutting or where you’re planning to leave your knives.

What I found this light to be most useful for is providing illumination for storage items. Install it above a spice rack so that you will always be able to see what you’re getting with just the right amount of light being provided.

The bigger issue I had with this motion sensor light came from just trying to get it to work properly. It turns off rather quickly and it’s annoying having to activate it constantly. If the makers had included an option to manually keep the light on, this product would have been so much better.

That said, you certainly can’t deny its energy-efficient properties.

While the first item on this list does not feature a particularly long run time, this product does. After you install under your cabinets, you can expect it to work for you for many months before the need arises for you to put in new batteries.

The LEDs themselves are highly durable. The manufacturers note that each LED features a lifespan of 100000 hours. I have no reason to doubt that given my experience using this item.

Once again, installation is a simple process, although you have to be careful when it comes to placement. If you position this motion sensor light too close to another light source, then you may have some trouble getting it to activate.

If you just want an under cabinet light that you can install and leave alone for a long time though, this will work great for you.

  • Expect this motion sensor light to remain functional for a long time
  • Individual LEDs feature lifespan of 100000 hours
  • Light has a tendency to turn off too quickly

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 3 Pack – Great for Smaller Kitchens

As you might have noticed, this 3 Pack of LED Puck Lights from Brilliant Evolution is pretty similar to the first item we reviewed in this article. There are indeed numerous similarities shared by the two items, but they differ in some ways as well.

Let’s discuss the similarities first.

The quality of light produced by these puck lights is on the same level as the one provided by the other Brilliant Evolution entry. Each puck light produces 55 lumens, and you’ll also get that nice glow again. With that being said, if you found the lights produced by the puck lights included in the 6 pack to be way too bright, then don’t expect the lights coming from these to be any fainter.

Installing these puck lights is still a process that you can complete within minutes.

Run time is also the same, but in this case, that’s not a feature that you wanted to be replicated. Also, the AA batteries are not included this time around, so you may want to order those as well.

The biggest difference between this 3 pack and the 6 pack from earlier can be observed when evaluating their convenient qualities. These puck lights do not come with a timer that you can set, meaning you will have to turn them off after you’re done working in the kitchen. Also, even if you have the remote control from the 6 pack, you should know that it is not compatible with these puck lights.

If all you need is adequate lighting for a smaller kitchen, these puck lights will work great. They should also prove to be good enough if you require lighting for other cramped spaces inside your home.

  • Lights are bright enough to be helpful inside almost any kitchen
  • You can install these puck lights in a matter of minutes
  • Energy efficiency is not ideal, and batteries will have to be replaced before long

LOFTER 66 – Best Rechargeable LED Under Cabinet Light

Ideally, you want the lighting in your kitchen to be able to specifically cater to your needs whenever you are in that part of your home. That’s not always possible, but the 66 LED Under Cabinet Light from LOFTER aims to change that.

So, how successful is it in that regard?

This LOFTER light comes with three different working modes and an off mode.

The first working mode will keep it on for as long as you need or as long as the batteries hold up. Switch it to this mode when you are in the middle of cooking or cleaning inside your kitchen.

Next up is a mode that features only the motion sensor at work. If you are wary of pests in your kitchen, this should turn out to be very useful.

The Motion Sensor and Light Mode comes in handy when you’re done for the day, but want there to be light available in case you forget something in the kitchen.

Set the light to Always Off if you want to save on battery life.

Of the four mode offerings, I found the motion sensor mode to be the one I was least happy with just because the sensor does not pick up on movements as quickly as I would like and the light turns off too fast.

Overall though, the versatility provided to you by this LOFTER creation is more than adequate.

At 170 lumens, this light offers more than enough brightness.

The energy efficiency leaves a lot to be desired though. Thankfully, the rechargeable battery is already included with this light, but still, having to charge it every other day can be inconvenient.

Installation is still no problem at all with this product. You also don’t have to worry about being burned by this light.

  • Different modes allow you to adjust kitchen lighting to your needs
  • Light is sufficiently bright, even for a larger kitchen
  • Installation is made easier by the included magnetic strips
  • Sensor has trouble detecting motion at times
  • Rechargeable battery will have to be plugged in quite often if you like the Always On mode

LOFTER 62 LED Motion Sensor Light – Best Under Counter Lighting

Earlier, we talked about how similar the two offerings from Brilliant Evolution were, and the same holds true for the two LOFTER lights included this article, the second of which we are about to review.

The LOFTER 62 LED Motion Sensor also boasts great versatility. The four modes that are built into the LOFTER product mentioned previously are included in this item as well, but an improvement has been made.

To be more specific, the motion sensor included in this light works better than the one installed in the other LOFTER product. That means the two modes that make use of the motion sensor are also better.

This LOFTER light also features greater brightness. It’s rated at 230 lumens, which is a significant step up from the other products reviewed previously. Because of the way this item is designed though, the light is not concentrated into one area and is not tough on the eyes.

While the wattage rating for this light is lower than what is indicated for the other LOFTER light, that doesn’t translate to vastly improved energy efficiency. That’s due in part to the manufacturers installing a smaller battery. Why they decided to undercut the potentially significant improvement in energy efficiency is beyond me.

Unfortunately, that also means that you will have to continue dealing with a light that has to be charged quite often. If you intend to always have it turned on, then you’ll have to charge it every other day as well.

Remember that the motion sensor is better this time around though, so take full advantage of that and conserve more energy.

Lastly, you should again experience no issues whatsoever during installation time. You should be able to have this light ready to go within minutes.

  • Brightness is improved but not harsh on the eyes
  • Motion sensor works as intended more often
  • You won’t have to worry about installing this light
  • Four modes allow you to change your lighting setup quickly
  • Battery life is still not great and frequent charging will be needed

Buyer’s Guide

Why You Should Consider Buying LED Lights

Having an energy-efficient home is a good goal to have, and one way to make that reality is by installing LED lights.

According to the Department of Energy, LED lights use up about 75 percent less energy than the incandescent light bulbs that you may have been using previously. On top of that, LED lights are also expected to remain functional around 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts.

LED lights are also easier to design in such a way that they will provide targeted lighting. That’s the reason why they are great choices for under cabinet lighting.

While some incandescent light bulbs may be cheaper up front purchases compared to LED lights, in the long run, the savings you will enjoy from having the latter installed in your home will more than make up the gap.

The durability of LED lights is also considered to be better than what other options have to offer. The Department of Energy notes that LED lights are not adversely affected by being frequently switched on and off. That makes them ideal to use in motion-detecting lighting fixtures.

Considering the greater durability and the additional savings you will receive from using LED lights, they really should be thought of as the lights you must have illuminating your kitchen as well as the other parts of your home.

Why Do I Need to Pay Attention to Lumens?

You may have noticed me talking about lumens in the reviews of the different products included in this article and wondered why I am paying attention to those ratings.

The reason is simple. When you want to understand just how bright a particular light bulb, you need to look at its lumen rating.

According to the Department of Energy, the lumen rating measures how much light you are receiving from the light bulb. The equation is simple. If you want a brighter light, then just pick the bulb with the highest lumen rating.

Wattage ratings are still important to look at, but you should know that they indicate how much power a bulb needs in order to work.

If the light bulb you’re looking at does not have a lumen rating included, then you can still look at the wattage to get some idea of how bright it is.


Finding the right lights that can provide sufficient lighting for your kitchen countertops can be tough because of how many options are currently available. However, as long as you search for LED lights, take into account lumen ratings, and also consider factors such as battery life and even wattage in certain scenarios, you should be able to find something that will work well.

Additional features such as motion sensors can also make certain lights more compatible for your kitchen, so don’t forget to look at those as well.

Good luck to you on your shopping and I hope you find the best wireless under cabinet lighting option for your kitchen.

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