Best Wallet Trackers

By Gareth Otwell · September 28, 2019

Have you ever gone for something that you were sure was on the counter, and it was nowhere to be found? Searching all over the place takes up a lot of valuable time you could be spending doing something else. If this appears familiar, you are in the right place. A wallet tracker can help you in these types of situations with ease.

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Best Camera Glasses

By Gareth Otwell · September 05, 2019

Have you ever used a pair of camera glasses to take a photo or record different activities that you want to enjoy later?

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Best Backpack Battery Chargers

By Gareth Otwell · July 23, 2019

These days, it's common to own a smartphone, a work smartphone, a tablet, a powerbank, and a laptop, so how do you keep all of these peripherals charged and organized? This is where a good charger backpack can make everyday life easier; they not only provide you with compartments for your devices, but they also have USB jacks to charge them.

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Best RC Truck

By Gareth Otwell · July 03, 2019

If you would like to own an RC Truck, therefore, all you have to do is find the most suitable RC truck from the market. The best RC truck will climb harsh, steep terrains, and maneuver hard obstacles, rocky environments, and cruise comfortably on flat grounds.

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Best Wireless Flash Trigger

By Gareth Otwell · July 01, 2019

Looking for off-camera flash but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for something that doesn't work? We know how you feel. If you want to wirelessly fire your flash for better photography, then you're in luck.

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Best Indoor FM/AM Radio Antennas

By Gareth Otwell · February 10, 2019

Over the course of this article, we all talk about some of the top examples of indoor radio antennas currently on the market and also get into the factors that will help determine how well a specific antenna performs.

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Best Wireless Subwoofer

By Gareth Otwell · February 01, 2019

Do you own an ancient subwoofer that has gone from good to very bad over the years? If so, you may have considered getting an upgrade from the same brand. Subwoofers help bring out low-frequency sound from audio.

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Best Thermal Imaging Camera

By Gareth Otwell · February 01, 2019

In this article, you'll get a chance to learn more about some of the top thermal imaging cameras currently available and even pick up some additional tips you can follow while shopping for one.

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Best Light Bulb Camera

By Gareth Otwell · December 14, 2018

Check Out These Modern Cameras That Are Cleverly Placed In Light Bulbs. We've made a comparison between top rated models + (BONUS) Buyer's Guide.

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Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

By Gareth Otwell · December 12, 2018

What you’ll see in this article are reviews for some of the top wireless under cabinet lighting options currently on the market.

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Best Moon Lamp

By Gareth Otwell · December 03, 2018

Whether used as a night light for a child’s room or a gift for that special someone, a moon lamp is sure to wow and inspire for any occasion.

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Best LiPo Battery Charger

By Gareth Otwell · December 02, 2018

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top LiPo battery chargers on the market, and we’ll also discuss some other important matters concerning those batteries.

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Best Moisture Meters

By Gareth Otwell · October 28, 2018

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of these devices, as well as the factors you must consider before you buy the best moisture meter for yourself. We will also suggest you our top 6 picks while explaining their characteristics and features in an objective and unbiased manner. Interested?

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Best Electric & Solar Fence Chargers

By Gareth Otwell · October 14, 2018

If you’re raising livestock, you probably know already that some have a bad habit of venturing outside of the areas you intend for them to remain when you’re not around.

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Best Smart Notebook

By Gareth Otwell · September 22, 2018

How smart are smart notebooks (not laptops, notebooks)? And what are the benefits of smart notebooks compared to standard notebooks? These are some of the questions we'll try to answer in this article.

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Best Wireless Surround Sound System

By Gareth Otwell · September 15, 2018

Purchasing the best wireless surround sound system for your home will enhance your listening experience. When you are preparing to enjoy a movie night and need theater-like sounds to enhance your experience, having a wireless entertainment system will offer that audio stimulation with clean and crisp sounds.

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Best Projection Alarm Clock

By Gareth Otwell · September 09, 2018

Looking for the best projection alarm clock on today's market? We've made a comparison between top rated models + (BONUS) Buyer's Guide.

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Best Hard Drive Enclosures

By Gareth Otwell · September 05, 2018

In this article, we are going to take a look at hard drive docking stations (enclosures), devices that allow you to have extra storage space externally or to incorporate your outdated HDDs into a world of modern technology.

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Best Arduino Starter Kit

By Gareth Otwell · September 19, 2018

In this article, we will provide you with two things; the list of top five Arduino starter kits and a buyer's guide. The list should save you hours of research time, for it consists of best starter kits that are currently available on the online market.

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Best Mini Bike

By Gareth Otwell · September 19, 2018

Mini bikes are scaled-down motorcycles that are around 20-inches high and that both adults and kids can ride. They are easier to control and maintain than motorcycles.

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Best Pulse Oximeter

By Gareth Otwell · September 06, 2018

With a pulse oximeter, you have a simple and painless way to determine your blood oxygen level so you can prevent health issues before they occur

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Best Laser Measuring Tools

By Gareth Otwell · September 02, 2018

When it comes to measuring, forget the old school tape measure, now you can get measuring accuracy from a laser measure. Laser measures are convenient, user-friendly, and very precise in terms of range and speed.

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Best Wireless Dog Fence

By Gareth Otwell · July 28, 2018

To make picking a wireless dog fence easy for you, we have collected and reviewed the best wireless dog fences that you find on the market today.

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Best remote control boat

By Gareth Otwell · July 07, 2018

RC boats are a logical next step if you want the speed and thrill of remote control vehicles. We’ve compiled a list of our nine favorite RC boats.

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Best Water Flosser

By Gareth Otwell · June 16, 2018

See our list of the top 10 water flossers, with reviews to help you choose the best for your dental care!

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Best Wireless Power Bank

By Gareth Otwell · May 23, 2018

Today’s tech industry designs and manufactures durable and efficient batteries, often we find that isn’t enough to meet our modern needs, for we are always connected, almost merged with our beloved devices.

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Best RC Airplane

By Gareth Otwell · April 11, 2018

RC airplanes are built for having fun. They are cheap and every bit as fun to fly as any other RC aircraft, if not more so. If you love aircrafts and flying stuff, you deserve to own one of these seven best remote control airplanes of 2018.

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Best RC Helicopter

By Gareth Otwell · December 20, 2017

If you are interested in buying the best rc helicopter, here are some models that are making a lot of impression on consumers right now.

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Best Basketball Shoes

By Gareth Otwell · December 13, 2017

I have reviews of 10 of the hottest basketball shoes out today and how they stack up in the battle for the best basketball shoes.

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Best 4K Cameras

By Gareth Otwell · April 26, 2017

If you are going to capture some amazing scenery, you better do it right. And what better way to do it than with a 4K camera. These cameras offer the highest possible resolution and are used by many professional photographers.

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Best Remote Control Cars

By Gareth Otwell · April 19, 2017

Are you new to RC racing and thinking of your first purchase? Before going headlong into the hobby, it is best to gain an overview and then build upon that foundation over time. There are several idiosyncrasies about RC racing that are essential to understanding the type of car that you want to buy. This guide will assist you in avoiding making a RC car purchase that doesn’t suit your intended use for your remote controlled vehicle of choice.

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Best Home Smart Devices

By Gareth Otwell · April 08, 2017

Home automation is one the rise. More and more homes are becoming “smart” – appliances respond to your voice commands, and you can control a whole host of things with only your smartphone. One day, it will be as if you’ve walked into Beast’s castle –all the things will work by themselves, turn on and shut off as if they have a mind of their own. And we’re getting closer and closer to that point. Nowadays, you can pick up your phone at work, enter an app, and, by the time you get home, the oven will be preheated and ready for you to start cooking. Let’s face it, guys, the future is now, and we need to embrace it.

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Best 360 Degree Cameras 2017 - Buyer’s Guide

By Gareth Otwell · March 26, 2017

It’s time to widen your horizons. How? With a brand new 360 cam, of course. Though they aren’t something especially new, these little cameras are becoming more and more prominent with the rise of VR headsets. These little cameras give a whole different view and create some very fine shots that really put you in the center of the action, literally and figuratively. If you ever wanted one such camera, we have exactly what you want. Check out our list of best 360 cams, and our short guide that will help you understand better what we are talking about.

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