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Gareth Otwell By Gareth Otwell · Last Updated December 03, 2022

Recently I've had the opportunity to use Easy-Peasy.AI, an AI copywriting assistant. And I must say that I am extremely impressed with the results.

Easy-Peasy.AI has greatly simplified and streamlined the content creation process. It has a FreeStyle AI editor which allows me to generate content in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods. On top of that, it is also significantly cheaper than its competitors. One cool feature which I like is Custom Command. The Custom Command feature allows me to generate custom text for any purpose. This was especially useful for me as I often need to generate custom blocks for my blogs.

For example, to generate a blog post outline, I could just type in my custom command and get my outline ready within a few seconds.

Easy-Peasy.AI, Custom Command in Document Editor

On top of this, Easy-Peasy.AI also offers a range of AI templates. It has more than 70 built-in templates for content creation, such as writing emails, job descriptions, acceptance criteria, user stories, social media posts and many more. As someone who is frequently tasked with the creation of such content, these templates were incredibly useful.


Additionally, it also has the Custom Generator that allows me to generate text for any purpose from scratch. I asked to generate 10 geeky startup ideas.

custom generator custom generator

Moreover, Easy-Peasy.AI also offers a blog post workflow, which allows me to generate an entire blog post in minutes.

Another great feature is AI image generation. With this, I can generate AI images based on any prompt text that I give, which can be really helpful if I don't have the time to create original images. Last but not least is the AI avatar generation.

AI Images

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the results I achieved using Easy-Peasy.AI. It is an extremely powerful and versatile AI copywriting assistant that has greatly improved my content creation process. Highly recommend it! Here is my referral link which gives you free 10,000 words of content creation.

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