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Looking for off-camera flash but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for something that doesn't work? We know how you feel. If you want to wirelessly fire your flash for better photography, then you're in luck. The technology behind flash triggers has advanced considerably in the past few years. However, there are greater differences between cheap flash triggers and PocketWizards, as well as other brands that have hit the scene recently. You need to know which ones are actually going to be the easiest to use and create the best photography. So let's take a look at some of the wireless flash triggers we like the most:

Neewer Speedlite Wireless Flash Trigger – Best Value

The value of the Neewer Wireless Flash Trigger can not be overstated.

It's a great purchase for anyone who has multiple cameras, lots of lighting setups, and doesn't mind a lower range. With only 30 meters of operational range, it is lower than some of the other triggers.

However, do you really need 100 meters for most of your projects? We really liked that this camera is compatible with so many models.

You can use it with Canon, Sony, Nikon, and any other camera to achieve the right effect.

The flash fires off accurately, and you have two receivers to help you create the perfect environment for indoor and outdoor photo lighting.

  • Best value for a wireless flash trigger set Comes with 2 receives
  • Flash is accurate
  • Firm, snug fit on the shoe
  • Battery doesn't come out easily Range is a bit low if you need 100 meters
The lighting and price is just right for the Neewer Wireless Flash Trigger. This package is a great value because it comes with a transmitter and receiver, as well as universal compatibility. It will fit any camera, and if you need a good standby, this is the perfect one to go with. You all love using a trigger that can work with any shoe mount. Most of all, customers report that the only issues is the inconvenience of the battery backing, which doesn't come off without a screwdriver.

Altura Photo Wireless Flash Trigger – Best for Canon Cameras

This inexpensive kit from Altura will allow you to set up your own studio with any Canon camera. You get one transmitter and two receivers with this kit.

The flash trigger is actually a multi-purpose tool that allows you to trigger your camera and flash from 30 meters away or 100 feet.

While most customers reported that the hot shoe always fits, it is quite snug, and if you don't have a standard hot shoe, you may be in trouble. However, Altura Photo provides a moneyback guarantee and tons of customer support.

If your flash trigger doesn't work for any reason, you can call up the manufacturer to get a replacement or refund.

For the set, you won't pay a whole lot to get a great quality flash with convenient tools and optimized camera settings for your studio.

  • Multiple flash and camera modes
  • Triggers up to 30 meters away
  • Triggers both camera and flash
  • Great value
  • Uses a standard hot shoe mount and is only guaranteed for Canon cameras
For those who have a Canon camera, this is going to be the ultimate studio kit for your setup. You can instantly create beautiful, unique lighting with this flash trigger. Two receivers are included, as well as the transmitter. You all be able to use this with any Canon model. Some customers reported that it also works with some Nikon cameras since it uses a standard hot shoe.

Yongnuo Wireless Flash Trigger – Best for Tech-Savvy Photographers

Do you love taking all kinds of extremely different shots? If you love to play with your lighting settings and want a long range trigger, you can spend a bit more to upgrade to the YONGNUO Wireless Flash Trigger.

This trigger is made for all Canon DSLR cameras and comes with some unique featuers. You can use the wireless remote control to change through modes and set up different scenarios for your lighting.

The unit uses an LCD screen display so you can easily see what settings you have and change them with a press of a button. You can also set up shortcut keys to be able to instantly get the lighting settings you want. We liked the flash and felt that it was accurate, but we would have liked to see more channels that can be set up separately.

Unfortunately, if you trigger one speedlight, it fires them all at the same channel regardless of the groups you set up.

  • Great value for high-quality flash
  • Works best for Canon cameras
  • Includes transmitter and two receivers
  • Unable to use groups on channels to fire speedlite separately
While there are some difficult settings to get through, the flash on these triggers is extremely crisp and accurate. You can set up a professional studio and get the light to trigger for you with a press of a button. However, there is one thing that many photographers will have to work with, and it's that you won't be able to get an assist beam. The trigger groups have to be set up manually and may require assistance from customer support.

Godox TT600S Camera Flash Speedlite – Great for Professional Photographers

Godox creates the ultimate package for setting up studio lights.

You can use it with 1/8000s high-speed sync for combination high-speed triggers, and it comes with multiple triggers.

While it's only compatible for Sony cameras, you all get 230 full power flashes and 22 steps of power output, which is why it comes with a heftier price tag. There are a lot of features with this wireless flash trigger that you all love to play around with.

Ultimately, you can create any type of lighting, whether you are in a dimly lit room or inside your lightroom. It comes with a variety of modes, as well as auto and manual zooming, custom function settings, focus assist, and buzz function.

  • Great package for professional photographers
  • Beautiful lighting from every angle
  • Multiple functions
  • Can be difficult to set up for new photographers
  • May not be worth it if you don't use all functions
  • Expensive
For those photographers out there who want to step up their lighting game and know their way around a lighting setup, you all love all of the features that come with the Godox. For one, we love the optic transmission and 2.4G wireless transmission on this flash trigger. It really cuts down on time and lets you take amazing photos in any lighting. While the price is a tad high, we think that it's worth the purchase if you plan to set up and use all of the functions.

Neewer 16 Channel Wireless Radio Flash Trigger Set - Best All-in-One Studio Set

Neewer is back on our list with an incredible set that is perfect for those who want to set up their studio on a budget. For less than $50, you all get a transmitter with three receivers.

While most cameras work with this shoe, Neewer does specify certain brands, including: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, and Panasonic.

Basically, this isn't going to work with Sony cameras, but you probably already knew that. The all-in-one kit offers a wireless transmitter, three wireless receivers, convert adapter, and sync cables. IT uses a 433 MHz frequency to transmit a fast response flash, allowing you to set up your groups on 16 different channels.

While it does have an average operational range of 30 meters, it will work with most flashes and transmit instantly.

Pros Great kit for the price Includes three wireless receivers and one wireless transmitter Easy to use Works with most cameras and shoe mounts

  • Great kit for the price
  • Includes three wireless receivers and one wireless transmitter
  • Easy to use
  • Works with most cameras and shoe mounts
  • Not for Sony cameras
  • AA batteries not included
Neewer truly has an understanding for their audience. Basically, if you are just starting out with studio work or flash, then you want to get this kit. It's going to be the best value overall, and you will look like a professional. The accurate flash comes from the multichannel design and fast response frequency. You all be able to zip through photo shoots using this handy trigger set.

Godox Wireless Flash Trigger - Best Option for Sony Cameras

For Sony enthusiasts, you want a trigger that's going to be compatible with your camera setup.

The Godox 2.4G TTL wireless flash trigger is the perfect answer. It has a long-range operating distance of up to 100 meters and supports group flash with 32 channels. You can set up five groups with the Godox, making it one of the advanced triggers on our list.

Godox products are always top of the line, and they come with a lot of functions that you all need to study and learn before using accurately.

For example, the Godox uses a second curtain sync, with flash exposure compensation and flash exposure lock. These are great tools for any professional photography, as long as you have a Sony camera.

  • Best for Sony camera enthusiasts
  • Lots of features
  • Supports 5 groups for group flash
  • Fast 2.4G wireless X system for faster triggers
  • Long range of 100 meters
  • Expensive Doesn't work with any other cameras
For those who want a professional trigger that can do it all, there is a superior answer, and it may the reason that we switch over to Sony. Godox has truly perfected the functions of a trigger, making it easier than ever to bounce camera angles and get the right lighting every time using several groups and channels. The flash's response is instant and always accurate. It's a real pleasure to work with this trigger, even though it is quite expensive and only works for Sony.

Neewer Wireless Studio Flash Trigger - Best Kit on a Budget

We do love Neewer products, and this kit is going to make your life so much easier. However, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other Neewer or Godox kits.

You all get a flash trigger with sync speed of 1/200 second, and 16 channels to avoid interference.

The basic controls are here, including a receiver with an on/off switch and LED to indicate what is being triggered. This kit comes with three receivers and works with all camera models besides Sony.

We found that the flash was pretty accurate with some minor issues during setup that required us to contact support.

We think that any professional photographer could use this kit, and it will definitely upgrade your lighting in the studio if you are a beginner.

  • Great value
  • Three receivers included 16 channels with LED indicator
  • Issues with setup cause a lot of headaches
While we are a fan of Neewer triggers, this kit was a bit difficult to use. We think that any professional photographer should be able to get up their lighting within a few minutes, even with multiple groups. However, this one also lacked some of the functionality that we were used to. Despite all of this, we still feel like it is a great purchase for anyone who wants multiple receivers and needs to set up their first studio.

Buyer's Guide

So how can you pick out the differences between good and bad flash triggers? The number one thing that we look for is sync speed and groups. You want to be able to bounce around and have the ultimate flexibility as a photographer. When we pick out flash triggers and other accessories for our photoshoots, we always look for the following.

Fast Flash Sync Speed

Some cameras go up to 1/8000, such as the Godox brand. However, you all find a lot more that have an average speed of 1/250 or 1/200. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that your flash goes off slower. Most of the newer flash triggers all have faster sync speeds.

Infrared vs. Radio Transmitter

The newer triggers today are using infrared because it feels more reliable than the traditional radio transmitter. However, that's not always the case. Radio transmitters actually work a bit better because they are able to produce high quality light in any situation, even if there is bright light. You won't be able to use your infrared triggers in areas like the beach.

Look for Reliability

When you read over reviews, you should check out some of the lower reviews to see what the issues are. If the trigger doesn't have group channel functionality or doesn't provide accurate flash consistently, then you need to find another camera that will produce great shots even when you're not in optimal conditions.


Some triggers are made for certain camera brands. You will see them labeled as Canon triggers or Sony triggers. This mostly relates to the compatibility of the shoe mount. While some triggers have a universal shoe mount, such as Neewer, it is still difficult to find universal triggers that are also compatible with Sony cameras.

Passing Exposure Information

Newer flashes are able to receive more information from the latest cameras than some of the older triggers. You can tell a camera to perform multiple functions with trigger shortcuts, while others simply only communicate when to fire. These newer flash triggers use EETL/iTTL modes to pass a variety of exposure information. You won't typically get this functionality from cheap triggers.

Adjust Flash Power

Most of the low-cost and budget triggers won't allow the photographer to manually or automatically adjust the flash output from the trigger. If you are able to change the flash output from the camera without moving around, then you all save a lot of time. This isn't a huge dealbreaker, but it will help you move quickly around your next photoshoot

Operational Distance Range

Most of the time, you all find that triggers have a 30-meter range. This is standard with almost all wireless flash triggers. There are some high-priced models that have a longer range up to 100 meters. If you have a large area to cover, then you can create a fun and easy environment to get great shots. If you are working outdoor, then you probably want to get away from your subject, which is why 100 meter ranges could be useful. With multiple receivers and an intimate setup, you can still get a lot of good shots as well.

Setup and Functionality

Almost all wireless flash triggers will require you to do some customization, especially if you have a unique style of lighting and want to change your flash output. However, installation is the key to making your life easier. If any wireless trigger reviews show that you can't set up groups properly or it doesn't work with all shoe mounts, you should look at another wireless trigger setup.


Why use wireless flash triggers for off-camera flash? Creating this effect with flash triggers is quite easy to do and allows you to take better shots. Every professional photographer uses flash triggers, but wireless kits are the new way to speed up your photoshoots and take more shots in a variety of locations. In addition, you want to be able to control your flash so that you are not bleaching out your subject. How to use remote flash triggers in photography? How great would it be if you could fire the flash at the precise moment that the camera shutter opens? This is the reason why flash triggers exist. At the speed of light, these triggers allow you to take a beautiful shot. While corded flash triggers used to be the only thing available, new wireless flash triggers create seamless, easy-to-use lighting atmospheres that allow you to take full control of your flash.


In conclusion, we think that it's best for any photographer to start off with a wireless flash trigger kit. While Godox obviously has the superior product, the price may be out of range for those who are on a budget and wanting to set up a light studio. In this case, Neewer wireless flash triggers are the perfect choice, so long as you don't have a Sony camera. Due to the way that Sony cameras fit inside shoe mounts, it's best if you purchase a trigger that works exclusively with this brand.

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