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Flying a remote control helicopter is a hobby that knows no age limit. Kids are known to enjoy it, and adults have a ton of fun doing so, too. Also known as RC helicopters, these mini aircraft models partake in the power of flight using a controlled signal, wherein players also get to direct its movements.

There are many varieties of what can be described as toy helicopter, which is why buying one entails a lot of consideration. If you are interested in buying the best rc helicopter, here are some models that are making a lot of impression on consumers right now.

1. HakToys HAK303 Mini RC Helicopter– Best RC Copter for Beginners

 HakToys HAK303 Mini RC HelicopterA toy helicopter that’s smaller than most models, this 3.5 channel helicopter appeals to both enthusiasts and kids. Even in a small space, this toy can be flown easily, making it the perfect RC helicopter for those who are just starting to learn the craft.

It’s made of light materials, but incredibly it’s resistant to crash and is known to last long. It doesn’t tear easily as well and comes with a gyroscope to ensure balance and stability when up in the air. Recharging this model is really quick, around 30 minutes or so, and it can be flown for eight minutes tops. The best thing about it is can reach 50 meters up for a mini chopper that’s designed for beginners.

HakToys HAK303 Mini RC Helicopter is highly recommended for beginners, but pros will appreciate the intricate engineering creators did on this product.

  • Rechargeable battery; quick charging time
  • Comes with a gyroscope
  • Very affordable
  • Best for beginners
  • Has an infrared controller
  • Some might find it too small to their liking

2. GPToys Remote Control – Best Remote Control Helicopter for Kids

GPToys Remote Control Helicopter for KidsIf you’re looking for a remote control helicopter for kids, then GPToys for Kids is the best one you can purchase. Equipped with LED lights in all sorts of colors, this toy helicopter can be flown even in the dark. Definitely, it is an RC toy for beginners as it’s marketed for older children, so you’ll have no problems in making it work and you will likely encounter fewer technical issues.

Although for children, this model is quite big, in fact, larger than most toy choppers for the price. It can fly for up to eight minutes, and charging time is from 30 to 50 minutes. You can use a USB port to charge this model and its remote control has a range of up to 15m.

GPToys Remote Control Helicopter is highly recommended for kids ages 12 and up, and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Great for beginners and pros
  • Has an inbuilt gyroscope
  • Made of strong, flexible materials for rough use
  • Manufacturer offers money back guarantee
  • Might take a while for the batteries to charge

3. Syma S107/S107G Mini Chopper – Best Indoor RC Helicopter

It’sll a micro helicopter that comes with its very own helipad, a work of wonder that’ll remind you of your dreams as a child. The Syma S107/S107G has long been called the best indoor rc helicopter, so it isn’t a surprise why reviews of this product are fantastic.

This blade helicopter is mostly composed of metal, so it won’t crack so easy even if you drop it. When flown indoors, it maneuvers around without hitches, and its joysticks are quite big and very easy to control. In fact, this is one of the few things that users are raving about this product. The controller of this tiny chopper is very ergonomic, and the USB transmitter works even when you’re a few meters away.

Charging the Syma S107/S107G takes about 30 minutes, and will keep it up for eight to twelve minutes. This is a highly recommended toy not just for kids, but adults as well.

How To Fly the Syma S107 - S107G Helicopter

  • Only suitable for indoor flight

4. Syma S109G RC Helicopter – Best Value Radio Controlled Helicopter

Syma S109G RC HelicopterThe Syma S109G is a micro helicopter that’s perfect for those who have been hesitant to start with RC helicopters but still want to give it a go. The thing about this particular model is that it’s very affordable, and yet you get a quality mini chopper to play around with.

This RC helicopter has three channels, perfect for beginners, and a coaxial design that contributes to its stability while airborne. However, it’s very important that it’s only used indoors, as it’s very light in weight and the slightest air breeze can complicate it’s flight pattern. Don’t take it as a sign that it’s not sturdy though. User reviews have all commended this model and other Syma indoor copters to be very durable, in fact almost completely functional even after a year.

The Syma S109G RC Helicopter is highly recommended for those who don’t want to invest much in remote control helicopters.

  • Easy to fly
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great for beginners
  • Stable flight
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a gyroscope
  • Only suitable for indoor flight

5. Blade 230s BNF Vehicle Mini Helicopter – Best Outdoor Copter

 Blade 230s BNF Vehicle Mini HelicopterThis is the perfect flying helicopter toy for an outdoor summer activity. This mini copter works best for both adults and kids, and flies outdoors seamlessly without the wind carrying it away that easy because of its strong gyroscope. Though not too big, it weighs heavy enough to brave the wind, and it ranges more than your average toy helicopter. Users will also appreciate that its transmitter has LED indicator.

When airborne, its signal can still be switched on or off, and its remote controller has multidirectional movements aside from hovering. Its flight time, however, is not that long, but overall, it is still a product worth recommending.

  • Has stability mode
  • Designed with a panic recovery mode
  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • Its main and tail motors have brushless design
  • Can only fly for five to six minutes

6. Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ Helicopter – Most Versatile RC Helicopter

 Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ HelicopterThis is the mini helicopter that you can fly indoors and outdoors. It’s well-built, speedy, and can withstand breeze despite its small size.

It has four channels and an LCD controller of 2.4 GHz enabling it to perform sharp turns that can be flown in two modes. The tail blade and main propeller is integrated with high-end technology and is capable of convenient binding. Using the remote, users are able to fine-tune the toy’s frequency, so signal loss is never a problem.

Although you have to shell out some extra cash for it, the Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ helicopter is one fine piece of technology you won’t regret spending your money on.

  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Has four channels
  • Durable and can withstand outdoor breeze
  • Has a control range of up to 80 meters
  • Can only fly around seven minutes tops

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Helicopter

People may have different reasons for buying a remote control helicopter. He could be a hobbyist who is willing to invest a whole lot to widen his collection, or merely a person who’s looking for the perfect gift. Regardless, buying these things isn’t something you can just do on a whim, as with buying a box of cereals. There are important things to look into, considering toy helicopters can cost a whole lot.


As with most things, your budget is a major deciding factor. This will determine what model you can get yourself, so it will really help if you have a wide range of choices. After all, expensive doesn’t always mean the best. Some models aren’t that pricey but are still quality made.

It would help if you compare specs and features according to your fixed budget, so you won’t be tempted to move up the ladder as you keep on researching. There are mini copters that cost $30, but this price can go way all the way up to thousands of dollars.

Consider maintenance cost as well, as this will add up to your expenses in the long run.

Range of Flight

Of course, you would want to know how far or how high up you’ll be able to control your RC helicopter. What you have to remember is that  remote control copters can be operated in two ways: through radio frequency (RF) and infrared. RF toy helicopters have longer ranges — 100 meters being its standard. Infrared controlled ones, however, have a short radius, sometimes just a few feet. 

You have to figure out whether you want to use the toy inside or outside, too. If you want to play outdoors, avoid the infrared type because the sunlight messes up the connection.

Number of Channels

The number of channels determine what kind of movement your toy helicopter is able to do. A toy chopper with two channels means it can only move forward, while those that come with three can pull of backward, forward, and sideway movements. If you get four chananels, you can do way more than simple movements. You can watch your helicopter do sharp twists and turns, including flips and dives.

Figure out what you want to see and how much you’re willing to spend for the joy of seeing your helicopter perform sick moves.


Most beginners actually don’t look into this matter until someone mentions it, or if a salesperson recommends something and calls it ideal. RC helicopters are made of many types of materials including fiberglass, metals, alloys, and some are even made of wood. If you’re just starting out, however, go for carbon fiber, plastic, or metal builds because these can withstand bumps and crashes, which what beginners are prone to doing.

Find out if you can purchase replacement parts easily, too. This is often forgotten, but you don’t want to end up with an incomplete toy helicopter because you can’t find a replacement for a certain damaged part.  Remember that even if you have the sturdiest of all toy helicopters, it will eventually need replacement parts in the future. 

When you’re in the act of buying, ask the store if they sell replacement parts, or ask a sales representative if the manufacturer offers them. This way, you will easily acquire what you need in case your copter gets damaged.


Hobbyists and collectors of toy helicopters all started out as a curious cat. With constant flying, they found themselves taking the endeavor quite seriously, even setting up a toy helicopter that’s worth thousands of dollars.

The point here is, never settle for the less. You may not be able to afford the best RC helicopter yet, but at least pick out from among trusted models, the ones with the most reviews. This way, the risk of regretting your purchase is lessened, and you’ll easily learn to fly it despite likely crashing it the first few times. Don’t worry; it’ll get better.

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