Best Wireless Power Banks - Buyer’s Guide

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Best Wireless Power Bank

Modern mobile phones, tablets, and other audiovisual players have a lot of computing power, meaning that they can process the data in a much more efficient and rapid way. However, this often burdens the battery life. And even though today’s tech industry designs and manufactures durable and efficient batteries, often we find that isn’t enough to meet our modern needs, for we are always connected, almost merged with our beloved devices.

And then the concept of portable power-depository devices came into existence. I will present you with the list of six best wireless power banks with their most prominent features. The list will be followed by buyer’s guide, where I’ll explain how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, and what things you should keep in mind if you decide to purchase one.

What is the Best Wireless Power Bank to Buy in 2018

Product Capacity Weight  
(Editor’s Choice)
24 000 mAh 12.5 ounces Check Price
Mophie Powerstation 3501 20000 mAh 8.5 ounces Check Price
KUPPET KUP02579 20000 mAh 9.9 ounces Check Price
Cloele 12000A 12000 mAh 10.6 ounces Check Price
TOVAOON D1 10000 mAh 9.9 ounces Check Price
Wofalodata PW001 10000 mAh 12.8 ounces Check Price
Hokonui B07856L56M 10000 mAh 7 ounces Check Price

KEDRON B079ZVPF97 – The Best Charger/Power Bank

KEDRON Portable Charger/Power Bank is the most sophisticated, but also the most expensive power bank and charger on our list. It features capable 24 000 mAh capacity, which allows rapid supercharging.

Unlike the other devices, KEDRON power bank features LED display, which showcases the device’s remaining power supply. Furthermore, it has 3 USB ports, which means that it can charge four devices simultaneously.KEDRON Portable Charger/Power Bank

It is also the most flexible device and can charge any device that has Qi-enabled technology (this includes smartphones, tablets, and other similar appliances). USB powering is high-speed, up to 2.4 A. It has two input ports (Lightning and Micro USB), and three output ports. All ports feature 2.4 A charging.

Upon purchase, you receive the charger/power bank, user manual, and the Micro USB cable. You also receive a 2-year warranty on the device, and you can contact friendly customer service any time you want.

KEDRON Portable Charger/Power Bank is by far the fastest and the most efficient charger and power bank device on our list. It is highly durable, sturdy and lightweight. It is reliable, won’t overheat and overcharge, which helps cut down your electricity bill.

Unboxing KEDRON Power Bank with Qi Charging

We praise three notable features: the product can charge four devices simultaneously, the LED display is much more sophisticated and convenient than the LED dots, and it is the fastest charger on our list.

The only downside is that the device will heat up if you charge four devices at the same time. But, this is to be expected, considering the power of the device and its compactness.

  • can charge four devices simultaneously
  • 24 000 mAh capacity
  • the best wireless charging
  • easy to read LED display
  • the most expensive charger on the list

KUPPET KUP02579 – Best Wireless Powerbank for iPhone X, XS and XS Max

KUPPET is both power bank and Wireless Charger, featuring a rechargeable battery and fast Wireless charging. It is slim, slick and stylish, but also quite durable and sturdy.

KUPPET power bank has 20 000 mAh capacity, which allows fast and efficient wireless charging. The 20 000 mAh isn’t only fast, but also transfers the energy from the bank to your devices more efficiently, preserving the battery’s durability and extends its functionality.KUPPET Wireless Charger/Power Bank

Much like the previous device, KUPPET Wireless charger is compatible with most modern devices, up to 1A, presuming that those devices feature Qi technology. It can charge three devices at the same time (two via cord and one wirelessly).

It has 2 USB ports (5V. 2.0 A), one Micro USB port and one Type-C port. Upon purchase, you receive the power bank/charger, Micro USB cable, and user manual. The power bank features 4 LED indicator lights and the on/off side button for Wireless charging.

For such a small device, KUPPET Wireless Charger/Power Bank is extremely fast, efficient and powerful. The wireless charging features auto-off features, which help prevent overcharging and overheating.

Even when you position your device according to the manual instructions, the device acts as if it has its own will. The good news is that you can charge the devices while you are charging the power bank, but the bank won’t overheat.

It is also thin and compact and will fit in your pocket comfortably, allowing you to carry it with you. Wireless charging is faster than with most other devices on the market, thanks to the 20 000 mAh capacity.

  • compact and lightweight
  • quality, stylish design
  • LED indicators and easy to read display
  • rapid charging
  • wireless charging isn’t very dependable

Cloele 12000A – Best Wireless Powerbank for Samsung

Cloele Qi Wireless Power Bank is a modern alternative to traditional power chargers, allowing you to power your devices anytime, anywhere. The product features rechargeable, 12000 mAh battery, and a potent wireless transmitter, allowing it to act as Qi charging pad (wireless), and as a portable power bank.

It features two USB output ports and one input port, with the ability to automatically recognize any Android or iOS device, up to 2.1A. This device is highly sophisticated and protects your appliances from overheating and overcharging.Cloele Qi Wireless Power Bank

Furthermore, Cloele Qi Wireless Power Bank features wireless charging, up to 1A, for most contemporary devices, including Samsung Galaxies (Note 4, S6, S6 Edge, etc.), iPhones (S5, 6 and other advanced models), Nokia devices, Google devices and many others.

The product is approved and certified by all governmental institutions: FCC, CE, etc. The device is labeled as being both safe and functional. In essence, Cloele Qi Wireless Power Bank is a 3 in one device featuring, Lighting charging, Micro USB and Type C cable.

This power bank is smart, featuring auto-off function, preventing the overcharging and overheating. Moreover, four integrated led indicators showcase the current battery status. It can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.

The wireless transmitting range is up to 7 mm, so you won’t have to take off the protective case from your devices. The device is slick, light and portable, excellent for campers, travelers, home use, and so forth.

The only downside is the wireless charging: it is slow, and the device you are charging has to be correctly positioned; otherwise, the charger won’t recognize the device.

  • inexpensive, value for money
  • 3 in one device
  • fast power cord charging
  • compact and lightweight
  • slow wireless charging requires careful positioning

TOVAOON D1 – The Most Inexpensive Charger

TOVAOON Wireless Portable Charger is also 2 in 1 device, charger and power bank. Its capacity isn’t that impressive, being only 10 000 mAh, but still sufficient to power your beloved smart devices.

It can charge three devices, two by a cord and one wirelessly. It has two USB 5V ports that charge up to 2A, and one 2A micro USB input, with which you charge the power bank.

Upon purchase, you receive charger, Micro USB cable, user manual and 1-year warranty. The product is exceptionally compact and light, which is undoubtedly a plus, especially if you plan to carry it with you on your adventures.TOVAOON Wireless Portable Charger

The wireless transmitter is very effective and can recognize devices up to 8 mm so that you don’t have to take the protective lid of your devices. The charger surface is an anti-slip, assuring that your wirelessly charged device doesn’t fall off the power bank.

It is also worth mentioning that device features over-current protection, overheating protection and the over-voltage protection. It is safe and reliable, and won’t overheat the charged device. It charges surprisingly fast, thanks to the 2A charging speed.

However, the 10 000 mAh capacity is somewhat disappointing because other devices on our list have much more capacity (especially the KEDRON Portable Charger/Power Bank, which has 24 000 mAh capacity). The product’s most prominent feature is its compact and lightweight design.

  • very rapid and efficient charging
  • protects from overvolting, overcharging and overheating
  • extremely light and compact
  • inexpensive (together with the Wofalodata Charger, it is the least expensive device on the list)
  • low capacity (10 000 mAh)

Wofalodata PW001 – The Most Compact Charger

Wofalodata charger and power bank feature 10 000 mAh battery support, acting as both power ban and a smart device charger, with the ability to charge three devices while being charged.

The product features 1 Micro USB port (and you also receive Micro USB cable), one standard USB port and a Lightning adapter. The product is safe and reliable, certified by FCC, CE, and other authoritative agencies.

Furthermore, much like other devices on our list, it features 4 LED display dots, which show you the power bank’s supply. It prevents overvolting, overcharging and overheating. It is compatible with most Qi devices, smartphones, and smart devices. Wofalodata Power Bank/Wireless Charger

You will also receive the Lightning adapter, which is included in the package together with Micro USB cable, charger/power bank, integrated Micro USB cable, and the user manual. It is the only device that features built-in Micro USB cable.

As we already said it, Wofalodata Power Bank is the most inexpensive charger and power bank. It is lightweight, compact and portable, but has issues with Wireless charging. Many reviewers complain about the product not responding to the device you want to charge.

However, it is super slim and light, which makes it very comfortable to carry around. It is well built and neatly designed, but again, charging isn’t fast, and the wireless charging isn’t consistent.

  • extremely slim and lightweight
  • has a built-in Micro UB Cable
  • compatible with most Qi devices
  • inexpensive
  • inconsistent wireless charging
  • slower than most other chargers on our list

Hokonui B07856L56M – Stable, Safe And Extremely Durable

Last on our list is Hokonui Charger, featuring 10 000 mAh rechargeable battery capacity that recharges in just 11 hours, thanks to the 5V/2A powering system.

This power bank features a sophisticated design, anti-slippery pads, and shock-proof stand, thus making sure that the charging device doesn’t get damaged during the charging process. Furthermore, the wireless transmitter effective distance is 6 mm, which isn’t the best, but still sufficient for wireless charging.Hokonui Qi Wireless Portable Charger

The product has 1 USB input and 2 USB output ports, meaning it can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. The product is made of high-quality copper coils, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and protects the device from overcharging and overheating.

Moreover, the device has built-in security chip which automatically shuts down the device if it isn’t used. We also commend the easy to read LED display, which is often more helpful than the standard LED dots.

The device is both smart and safe, durable and sturdy. It is also extremely fast, thanks to the copper coils. Interestingly, this is the only device that features phone holder. The holder allows you to hold the phone vertically (up to 60 degrees) as you are charging it. This characteristic is useful if you want to watch your favorite shows while the phone is charging.

However, some reviewer complained about the low battery capacity, arguing that the advertised 10 000 mAh is far from the truth. Also, the product seems to have troubles with wireless charging, stopping and going from time to time, i.e., being inconsistent.

  • rapid charging and recharging
  • value for money
  • phone holder grants more comfort and functionality
  • quality designed, shockproof and anti-slippery surface
  • low battery capacity
  • some reviewers complained about inconsistent wireless charging

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will discuss the technology behind power banks and how they differ from conventional chargers. Furthermore, we would like to explain what features should you pay attention to if you decide to purchase power bank/wireless charger.

On Power Banks

Power bank acts as an additional, external battery and source of power for compatible devices. As we said in the introduction, they were developed because modern phones require a lot of energy to support the phone’s strong computing power.

They are compact, light, thin and portable, convenient and comfortable to carry with you wherever you go. The products on our list feature both cord powering and wireless charging, their charging speed depending on the product design.

Their most significant advantage is their compactness and portability: you charge the bank’s battery (which vary in capacity) and carry it with you. Instead of carrying chargers with cords, you bring the power bank and don’t have to worry about power sockets and standard cord charging.

Battery Capacity

Throughout our article, we mentioned something called battery capacity, measured in mAh. There is an excellent Quora discussion regarding this topic, and you can read it (here) if you are curious about the mechanical details of the term.

In short, the bigger the capacity, the more mAh the battery has, the better. Here’s an example: let’s say your phone’s battery is 5000 mAh, and your power bank battery is 20 000 mAh. This means that the power bank is capable of charging your phone four times before it runs out of power. I believe this is the easiest way to understand how power bank’s work.

After that, you recharge the battery, and you can repeat the process. We didn’t discuss the power bank is recharging speed because most power banks take roughly 10-12 hours to recharge.

Charging Speed

Charging speed is another important thing you have to consider. The fastest charger on our list is the KEDRON Portable Charger/Power Bank because of the 2.4 A charging.

Standard USB charging voltage is 5V, but Amperes (A) vary. Standard chargers output 0.9 A, but superchargers output 2A or more, meaning that they transfer more energy from the power banket to your device in a shorter period.

We discussed the charging speed as we described our products. Some are faster than others, thanks to the more sophisticated design and wiring within the device. If interested, you can read more about the supercharging in this article.


We don’t want to talk about the products dimensions since they are all compact and light. However, some are lighter and smaller than the other, though the difference is minimal.

Instead, we want you to consider product’s sophistication: how good is the wireless charging, the number of ports, whether or not the product struggles with overheating, and so forth.

Furthermore, consider the LED display or the lack of it. Some products feature easy-to-read display, while others implement LED dots that portray the remaining battery life (regarding the power bank). Admittedly, the LED screen is much more convenient and more comfortable to read.


Though the products we reviewed appear identical, you have to focus on small details. Though the difference between 2.0A and 2.4A seems insignificant, it significantly affects the charging speed.

The power banks are similar in dimensions, description, and design, but little details can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful purchase.

Alas, make sure that you are satisfied with the battery capacity, number of ports and the charging speed. Also, make sure that the power bank and the wireless charger is compatible with your device.

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